In 1967, Governor Paul Johnson was approached by the Economic Development Administration, Department of Commerce, to consider forming multi-county economic development districts in the State of Mississippi. Governor Johnson had the Mississippi Research and Development Center design the Districts for the State. In the Fall of 1967 six men representing their counties (John Theunissen, Washington; Harry Diamond, Sunflower; James Mabus, Issaquena; F.H. Nance, Bolivar; V.B. Shimmel, Sharkey; J.C. Halbrook, Jr., Humphreys County) met and formally organized the District and an office was opened at the Greenville Air Base in January of 1968.

Today, SDPDD provides services to six counties and thirty-five municipalities. The District has undergone continual change since its inception in its quest to provide increased services to area citizens. However, the District has always considered its prime objective to be "assistance to local units of government." It continues to provide technical assistance to the counties and municipalities in their varied activities.

As an increasing number of federal programs are passed to the states, the District is continually called upon to assist in developing the delivery of these services to local residents. This assistance is currently provided by a staff of fifty professionals. The programs are all inclusive: from the elderly to the young; from the disadvantaged unemployed to the large corporate employers; from the renters to the homeowners; from the federal government to the unincorporated areas of the rural Delta.

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